• D.C. power supply page, with displayed voltage and ampere from battery sources and rectifier, indication alarm for low – high voltage.
  • Blower – fans page, with intuitive touch-screen commands for eng. room or another rooms blower fans. Possibility of frequency control by inverter, manual or automatic across temperature sensor.
    Additional display for auxiliary temperature room or for exhaust pipe temperture with alarms indication for high temp.
  • A.C. power supply page, with displayed voltage and ampere from main A.C. sources alarm indication for low – high voltage.
    Intuitive touch-screen commands for on-off line and start – stop generator.
  • Alarm management / history page. When there is an alarm, the system automatically displays the symbol of the alarm. in the area in which the problem is located, and a text message is activated, depending on the kind of alarm.
    For example, if there is a fire alarm, the message (“FIRE ON BOARD”) will be displayed.
  • At the same time, the alarm is recorded in the alarm history in which the last 500 alarms are stored.
  • In this example page, it is present also the commands by touch-screen for automatic bilge pumps, with indication on synoptical of the pumps running.
  • Level tanks page , with displayed gallons/liters, percentual , high or low level for each tank, Intuitive touch-screen commands for start – stop discharge tank , possibility of automatic trasfer tank to tank across level sensor signal.
  • Layout of the boat with indication of position tanks.