“NAVEL SRL“ was founded in 1997 after 20 years of experience in the field of marine electrical plant by its founders .

Since the beginning our main activity has been the design and production of “ready to use” naval electrical installations, including the construction of boards and panels.

“NAVEL“, works both in Italy – directly with its own employees – and abroad, developping projects in the main office and working together with local Companies for the actual construction of the installations.

The search for new technological solutions and the customers’ request for appliances that are more and more refined, pushed NAVEL to design and produce some new appliances and fittings, that broadened the scope of its activity.

We are enclosing some sample handbooks, as well as some informative pictures about various projects that have been already implemented.

In addition to the above, we can state that NAVEL’s main product is its Customer Service: our staff is ready to study any solution that could fit a project to the Client’s needs.

The experience gathered in many years by NAVEL’s founding Companies, and the strong motivation of all the employees are the mainstay of a young Firm, that combines a highly qualified performance with competitive prices.

This reason pushed NAVEL at to be partner of Boat builder in Italy and outside Italy like qualified Company  and like main supplier of electrical parts.

Innovation, technologies, design and safety on board pushed  NAVEL  to create one team of technicians and engineers to project the electrical installation and electrical parts in single details before the delivery or installation on board.

Drawings , production departement , wiring system , testing , electrical installation on board, trial on the sea,pass through rigorous procedures of control to the Quality System ISO 9001-2015 with which the NAVEL it is certificated from 2004.

The current range of operation is :

  • Pleasure Yachts and Superyachts till to 60/70 Mt.
  • Commercial boats till to 40/60 Mt (Tug Boats , Supply vessel , small ferries, patrol boat    etc. etc. )