The EASYLIGHT Steel keyboard is composed of a magnetic support for hanging behind it, without visible fixing screws, reduced installation depth (17 mm), possibility of square and round keys, with or without light for integrated night-time tracking, classic connection terminal.

The new 4RCAB is an actuator to combine with the new Easylights Steel light keyboards or to be used with standard buttons (Ticino, Vimar, etc., etc.) as step by step relays, the peculiarity is that in the space of 3 modules you have the possibility of 4 relays per command with the opportunity to choose for each channel if the operation must be push-button (for example raise / lower curtains, lift tv or other) or switch (relay step by step).

Each output is protected by a removable fuse max 10 A, with free contact (you can switch between 230V and 24V)

For use with the Easylight Steel keyboards, a 5V power supply is also provided for backlighting when required.

  • Stainless steel lights keyboard
  • Magnetic fastening system
  • With or without backlight
  • Round or square button
  • Easy to connection with terminal strip
  • Min. thickness of recessed
  • Ease of assembly
  • Possibility different backlight colour
  • Free contact for each button
  • Diffent finishes to choose