The 4RCAB Module is an actuator to be combined with the new Easylights Steel light keyboards, or to be used with standard buttons (Ticino, Vimar, etc., etc.) as a step-by-step relay. Its peculiarity is that in the space of 3 modules you have the possibility of 4 relays per command with the opportunity to be able to choose for each channel if the operation must be push-button (for example raise / lower curtains, lift tv, or other) or switch (step by step relay).

Each output is protected by a removable fuse max 10 A, with free contact (you can switch between 230V and 24V)

  • Power supply : 10 – 30 VDC
  • Max range each output : 10A N.O. free contact
  • Casing material : self-estinguishing noryl
  • Dimension : 52 mm X 90 mm X 58 mm ( 3 DIN )
  • Operating temperature : 0 – 40 C °
  • Coupling for 35mm DIn rail
  • Possibility change each input switch or push-button.
  • Each output with protection fuse’s inside max 10A.