Revolutionary lighting system for rooms and cabins.
Forget screwdrivers, welders, or other hand tools: with EasyLIGHTS KiT just one click and the connections are over.

Keyboard features

  • Switch keypads with up to three keys with backlight for night-time tracing.
  • Possibility of connection between keyboard and keyboard.
  • Keyboard depth reduced to a minimum to make installation possible even on walls with little thickness, (12 mm depending on the thickness of the support of the series used).
  • Connection via telephone flat cable with RJ 45 plug.
  • Keyboards for Vimar Idea series. Gewiss Playbus, Living International.
  • Possibility of connection via flat cable with RJ 45 plug with:
  • RCAB electronic actuator with 10A relay outputs with protection fuses and keyboard lighting intensity regulator.
  • RCCB interface card for keyboards connection with our ELR1 dimmer, or any auxiliary relays