Customized panels and panels made of polycarbonate on an aluminum structure, with or without backlighting for control and command on board users. Particularly used, combined with a general electrical panel as remote control and control panels.
They are made to specific customer requirements and customized in terms of size, color, silk screen and shape to the needs of the boat.
On the panels it is possible to integrate the synoptic with the profile.

The panels are supplied complete with plate with electronic actuators to be installed a short distance from the panels.
The connections between the keyboards and the actuators are made using flat cable cables with variable lengths based on the distance between the panels and the actuators.
The actuator plate is supplied wired and equipped with a terminal board for connecting the users.
All panels and plates of the actuators will be tested at our premises before delivery to the customer.

Advantages: Pre-wired system for easy connection, minimum overall dimensions, watertight keypads.